SABONA Steer Head Beaded Edge Magnetic #229

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Steer Head Beaded Edge Magnetic - The steer head surrounded by a beaded edge are the features of this antique stainless design that will only look better with wear. 5/8 X 3/4 inches links with a 1200 gauss magnet in each link.



For Sabona Copper Wristband Styles, substract 1/2" to 3/4" from your wrist size to determine the size Sabona Copper Wristband you need. Sizes are Small (5.5"), Medium (6.0"), Large (6.5") or Extra Large (7.0"). Wristbands are to be snug, but not tight. If you are in between sizes, it works better for the band to be smaller rather than larger.

For Sabona Link Bracelets or Magnetic Bracelets, your wrist size will be very close to the size of the bracelet you need. Be sure to consider how loose or snug you want your Sabona to be. Magnetic Bracelet sizes are Small (6.5"), Medium (7.0"), Large (7.5") or Extra Large (8.0").



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